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Hello there! We are Diskonio.
A site dedicated to discover great online coupon codes, voucher codes, discount codes from around the web, 24/7 round the clock

Just You And Your Coupons
We are real addicts of online coupon codes, and we have tried many coupon sites before before deciding to start a coupon site ourselves. We really dislike coupon sites that bring you around in circles before handing you the actual coupon code. We're sure you had that experience too, right? So our goal is simple: getting the coupon from Diskonio and using it should only be in matter of seconds. Only by making coupons a painless thing do we believe you will come back wanting for more.

Here are what we believe in and what we can do for you:

1The Freshest Coupons

Only The Freshest Coupons Through Crowdsourcing. We really like coupons that are just fresh, coupons that just came out of the oven seconds ago. More time using coupons and less time waiting, and we really want to bring it to you.

So, Diskonio has turned to Twitter for help! To find the actual coupon codes from all that Twitter tweets, we have developed a custom filter engine to do just that, and that engine is always improving, bringing you coupon codes more accurately and quickly.

2How Did Diskonio Came About?

As said before, we love coupons a lot, but we were frustrated with the conventional coupon sites out there. Eventually, we got on Twitter to find coupon codes, search for them through Twitter Search.

It was a completely different experience altogether and sooner or later, we decided that if we had a website, everything would be a whole lot easier, and that's how Diskonio came to be.

3Simple Website

Thanks To CakePHP for powering this Diskonio, BitPixels for powering the web thumbnails, jQuery for all the javascript goodness and many other awesome tools. We learn a lot while building Diskonio with these great tools and we really appreciate it.

If you think you can give suggestions or help us, feel free to email us at [email protected]

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